Highway Productions provides a wide range of services including, location scouting, permission acquiring, casting, budgeting,
equipment rental, post-production. Our crew is experienced and English speaking. Highway Productions ensures low production
costs with high quality service.
Why choose Highway Productions?
Customer Care : We care for yours as our own productions, therefore we achieve the best possible rates and discounts
from any kind of service and equipment provider in Greece.
Transparent Financials : We make the best possible deals and negotiate the terms according to our clients’ needs and we
encourage direct payment to our providers, ensuring transaction transparency.
Visa Facilitation : Our experience and advise, as well as our ties with the relevant issuing authorities can save precious time and money.
Experienced Crew : We are proud to have a large list of skilful, educated, English-speaking crew whom we trust to execute your demands under our supervision.
Production Quality : We have established excellent connections and working relations with private establishments and public institutions alike. Whether it is filming on a speeding yacht in the Mediterranean or inside a
castle on a misty moun tain, Highw ay Producti o n s will make sure you get your shot!
Contact us today to discuss your project’s demands and Highway Productions will offer the most reliable film and video
solution in Greece.